Welcome to Haider & Company!

Our family’s roots in engineering and construction started in 1953, when my father Sultan Haider enrolled for a degree in civil engineering. Twenty eight years later, I found myself following the exact same foot steps…

For almost 70 years, our various family members have been involved in almost all aspects of construction, engineering, engineering consulting, engineering design, infra-structure development, general contracting, real estate development, in both domestic and international markets. We have deep experience and knowledge in restaurants, retail stores, banks, gas stations, hotels, roads, highways, bridges, airports, multi-stored buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, solar power projects, environmental engineering projects, custom homes, to name a few. We have managed and served in the most senior leadership positions in large private and public organizations.

Throughout these decades, we have learned a lot, delivered a lot, and also maintained a mindset of continuous improvement which has helped us in refining our approaches & customized them for various types of projects. We continue to strive for perfection while elevating the definition of perfection. This process of continuous learning is part of our culture and a critical ingredient of our growth.

Haider & Company is the culmination of all these experiences, knowledge, know-how, networks, and our love for creating memorable places & structures that serve humanity.

-We know our clients need reliable, easily understandable, time critical information to achieve their business objectives.

–We use data, analytics, and internal tools to make better decisions for our clients, our company and our teams.

-We are laser focused on both critical owner goals, and architects vision in designing a detailed & customized construction/development game-plan with our team so we can deliver the project flawlessly.

-We recognize our people, our subcontractors, and partners who play a vital role in successful completion of any project. Without them, we cannot succeed.

-We use technology, safety, detailed internal protocols, and systems to help guide our teams; so our teams can focus on executing projects flawlessly.

Together we strive to deliver all projects on agreed timelines, cost and quality considerations, while remaining safe and environmentally conscious along the way.

We hope you will trust us with your projects. This is what we love and have done for the past 70 years!

Salman Haider