Each member of Haider & Company is committed to delivering the highest level of service and project leadership during all phases of the project.

Pre-Construction Phase: We first focus on aligning, understanding, documenting, simplifying project goals with the owner, design team, architect and all other stakeholders

Communication & Teamwork: Each member knows that these two elements are as critical to a construction project as musicians playing in orchestra, where each member knows and follows the exact role, performing to exacting standards, in harmony, to deliver a masterpiece.

Quality: We develop project specific quality plans, discuss critical design elements , and unique associated challenges, communicate and track success with the project team. Our Project Superintendents ensures that every member of the field team is equipped with necessary details and tools for success.

Safety and Environmental: Hazard analysis is a core element of our project execution strategy and starts early in the process. Our team works with the owner to remain above OSHA safety requirements and keep the project environment safe for workers, neighbors and surrounding communities. Anticipating and mitigating safety hazards of any scale is one of our core project considerations – before we even start.

Safety is our daily attitude. Our Superintendents work alongside with subcontractors, discuss, anticipate, develop and adopt daily protocols based on planned activities to ensure maximum safety standards. Safety is a prominent agenda items during our daily and weekly meetings at all levels. Based on project complexity we require our subcontractors to either join or conduct their own safety meetings and communicate adequately to keep everyone safe.

Time: Schedule management and project tracking is critical to our projects. The dynamic nature of construction requires our constant focus on schedule and communication with relevant parties

Cost: Tracking, cash flow analysis, and budget tracking are conducted on a regular basis and owners kept in communication as part of our project delivery system.

We believe in unity of our employees, Clients, Sub-contractors and partners, we would not exist without them.